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AToS is a Play-To-Earn project, combining NFT DeFi Protocol & Metaverse ecosystems


NFT - Non-Fungible Token

Buy and sell your characters and magical worlds

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Play and earn financial rewards as you progress

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Metaverse ecosystems

Evolve in a virtual world of education through ATOS

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Explore a new world


Use the rules of the universe and all the elements that compose it to help Synapsians open their minds.
Will you be able to enter this magical world? Play alone or in cooperation with your friends and develop your synapses to acquire skills, solve puzzles and fight enemies.

AToS World One


ATos World Two


AToS World Three


AToS World Four


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A Tale of Synapse: The Chaos Theories

Help Sci and Nero evolve in a world where logic, mathematics and puzzles will be your allies in a 2D platform game with a unique design.

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Available on Steam &

• 4 magical worlds
• 46 levels with incredible puzzles
• Colorful and unique 2D
• More than 15th of gameplay
• French innovation indie game
• Solve equations with your sense of logic
• Multiplayer local mod


NFT - Only 1 Original Artwork

Our NFT versions of our magical worlds are unique and exclusive original artworks in the world. They allow a regular rewards. More players there are on a magic world, the more profit it brings.

Each magical world is declined

Each magic world is declined in a limited number that do not give any reward but allow the exploration of the world. It is necessary to have the NFT of a magic world to explore it.




dApp development

dApp development

AToS is fully developed with our dApp system. It will allow you to connect wherever you are in the world, on the AToS game with your wallet (Ex: MetaMask, TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet…)



The DNA of AToS is based on A tale of synapse, but totally thought by AToS and developed by Souris Labs. We are working on a very innovative graphic design surrounding the crypto-sphere as we know it (and even further!)

Level evolution

Level evolution

As you progress you will pass different levels more or less complex, each higher level requires a little more use of your brain memory, visual or even sensory!

Multiples rewards

Multiples rewards

The rewards are multiples on AToS, whether they are tokens, NFTs or even rewards based on the ERC20 or BEP20 blockchain, you are in heaven. Only one challenge awaits you!


AToSMap v1.2

This is a high level roadmap for 2022 development

Q4 2021

Studio & P2E

• Conclude contract with Studio
• NFT / P2E / METAVERSE approach
• Website + name buying
• SSL & Firewall

January 2022

Setting Up

• Website writing & explaination
• Teaser details
• NFT Creation (Magic world + Sticker)
• Creating AToS Store

February 2022

Notoriery Deployment

• First medium article
• Posting on some NFT & P2E groups
• P2E Game exploration
• Blockchain attachment with game
• Initial dApp research with game

April 2022


• Tokenomics announcement
• Token concept with game
• CopperLaunch Listing
• Marketing Line up

April / May 2022


• DEX listing (Uniswap)
• CMC & CG listing
• Article (Cointelegraph,
• Youtuber influencers
• Twitter influencers
• Dextools banner + logo
• June/July first CEX listing ( top 25 minimum )
• September 2022 - First biggest event in Miami


Brilliant Partners
of AToS

And we’re just getting started.


AToS Tokenomics

Our tokenomics is designed proportionally to the AToS concept

  • Uniswap LP
  • Dev / Team / Marketing
  • P2E Version Development

AToS Tokenomics Features

  • Anti-Whale Dump
  • Reserve for Future Exchanges
  • P2E Burn System

AToS Token Distribution

  • Total Supply : tokens
  • Uni Liquidity Pool (LP): tokens
  • P2E Version Development : tokens
  • MKT + Dev + Team : tokens


An educational P2E game created and thinking for you ! Available everywhere

What is AToS

AToS is short of A Tale Of Synapse, it is a project owned and operated by the company Pagest Environnement SA (Registered in Switzerland). A Tale Of Synapse is an educational video game available in 2D on computer and on Switch. AToS has signed a contract with Souris Labs studio (developer of the game) to make it eligible for the P2E and Metaverse eco-system!

Where can i play AToS

A Tale of Synapse is already available on the Steam store but also on the Nintendo Store on Switch.
AToS is under development, and will soon allow to enter the magical worlds dedicated to the P2E eco-system.

What the idea about your NFT

We have set up a whole NFT ecosystem linked to the AToS game. For example, there is a single digital original artworks of each magic worlds, they allow to generate dividends over time and according to the number of players. There is also the NFT AToSGame edited in 10,000 copies of which a first printing will be limited at 100. Which it is necessary to acquire to be able to enjoy the P2E universe

What is A Tale Of Synapse

A Tale Of Synapse is a cross of platformer and puzzle game inspired by innovation. Use the universe rules and all the elements that compose it to help Synapsians to be open-minded.  Discover an incredible and colorful story with Sci and Nero, two heroes, who cooperate to evolve in this oneiric world based on Math’s logic rules. The original soundtrack will immerse you in the universe of Hemeide.

Are you able to enter this magical land? Play alone or co-op with your friend and develop your synapses to get more competencies, solve puzzles and fight enemies.

How it will work ?

AToS will develop in direct collaboration with Souris Labs magic worlds specialized to the P2E ecosystem, you will find specially designed graphics representing the cryptographic sphere in the world. To play you will have to connect directly in-game with your wallet (Ex : MetaMast, TrustWallet, Coinbase Wallet…) via our dApp specially designed for the game! Rewards and rewards will be directly linked with your wallet, so you will receive directly all the benefits related to the game and what you have!

Is a token being considered?

Yes of course, more information will be communicate about it later !


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